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Milano Fashion Week 2018: Gucci Fashion Show In A Operating Room
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Milano Fashion Week 2018: Gucci Fashion Show In A Operating Room

From colors to chairs. This year, for Milano Fashion Week, Gucci parade turns into a operating room.

On Wednesday, its star creative director Alessandro Michele debuted his creative vision for the fashion house’s Fall 2018 collection, and the show, depending on your taste, might inspire or confuse you: Models carried replicas of their own heads on a runway transformed into a creepy operating room.

Suspense had already been building for the show by Gucci’s star creative director Alessandro Michele due to the invitations — orange timers which counted down to the event in glowing red numbers.

Gucci’s invitation to the fall 2018 show Photolab Gucci

The first shock came when it started on time – almost unprecedented in fashion history. Then male and female models walked onto a runway amid operating tables under bright neon lights in the Gucci Hub, the brand’s Milan headquarters, over the steady beeping of a heart monitoring machine.

Michele introduced the Cyborg Gucci in the Fall/Winter 2018-2019 collection, which included a wild mix of cultures and symbols, from a pagoda hat to a balaclava, a classic burgundy velvet dress to a gold lurex jacket, fine lace to the logo of the New York Yankees.

The models added to the transgressive vibe — not only did some carry replicas of their own severed head, but others were adorned with a third eye, or even a baby dragon.


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