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Google Calendar Illustrations | Lotta Nieminen
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Google Calendar Illustrations | Lotta Nieminen

Google has launched the new version of its Calendar App on Android. On this occasion, the US firm asked illustrator Lotta Nieminen to concoct images that will illustrate the background of the application. Discover all the illustration below.

GoogleCalendar_feeldesain_01 GoogleCalendar_feeldesain_02 GoogleCalendar_feeldesain_03 GoogleCalendar_feeldesain_04 GoogleCalendar_feeldesain_05 GoogleCalendar_feeldesain_06 GoogleCalendar_feeldesain_07 GoogleCalendar_feeldesain_08 GoogleCalendar_feeldesain_09 GoogleCalendar_feeldesain_10 GoogleCalendar_feeldesain_11 GoogleCalendar_feeldesain_12 GoogleCalendar_feeldesain_13 GoogleCalendar_feeldesain_14 GoogleCalendar_feeldesain_15 GoogleCalendar_feeldesain_16
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