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Fujifilm X-Pro1:official video
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Fujifilm X-Pro1:official video

After the official announcement of the new mirrorless interchangeable lenses Fufifilm X-Pro1 could not miss the official video. Watching him you can not help but appreciate the charming vintage design, but two stand out even the real innovations of this camera: the Trans-X CMOS sensor and the viewfinder Multi Hybrid.

The Trans-X sensor uses CMOS RGB pixels are no longer arranged in a 2 × 2 constant matrix, but on a random 3 × 3 matrix. In this way the pixels are trying to replicate the randomness of the arrangement of the grain in the film, thus avoiding the appearance of moiré when shooting fine detail. Therefore it is not even necessary to install the low-pass filter anti-aliasing, thus avoiding any loss of contrast and sharpness.

The viewfinder as in the Fujifilm Multi Hybrid X100 allows you to choose between vision and vision analog electronics, but also allows you to put a magnifying glass to get a broader view with telephoto lenses. Specifically, you can choose from a 0.37 x magnification viewing, ideal for the 18mm lens, or 0.60 x magnification, ideal for 35mm and 60mm lens. In this way you can more easily compose the scene.



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