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FotoWeekDC | Winners of 2011
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FotoWeekDC | Winners of 2011

Started in 2008, FotoWeekDC is a weeklong celebration of the power of photography. It’s a photography festival that showcases bold and exciting work in different genres including photojournalism, fine art, and nature. Here are 15 of our favorites from the winners’ pool. If you’re in DC, you can still check out their festival show till December 17 at FotoCentral.

The Natural World – 1st Place: Peter Lik (Single Image)

Fine Art – 1st Place: Alessandro Belgiojoso (Single Image)

Commercial – 1st Place: Cade Martin (Single Image)

Fine Art – 2nd Place: Micheal Borek (Single Image)

Fine Art – Honorable Mention: Andreas Franke (Porfolio)

Contemporary Life – 1st Place: Val Proudkii (Single Image)

Portrait – 1st Place: Brandon Thibodeaux (Single Image)

Photojournalism – Honorable Mention: Sebastian Meyer (Single Image)

Student Single Image – 1st Place: Nick Minton

Travel – 1st Place: Serli (Single Image)

Travel – 2nd Place: James Morgan (Single Image)

NightVisions – 2nd Place: Art Harman

The Natural World – Honorable Mention: Robin Moore (Porfolio)

The Natural World – 3rd Place: Peter Lik (Single Image)

The Natural World – Honorable Mention: Claudio Santano (Single Image)via

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