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Fantasy World: Kate Rohde
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Fantasy World: Kate Rohde

Kate Rohde is a renowned Melbourne based artist, sculptor and jeweller. From dyed Japanese faux hair to hand cut and folded paper flowers to fluorescent crystalline forms, Kate Rohde is well equipped to portray a world of Fantasy. She makes amazingly ornate furniture made from papier mache, seriously wacky sculptures displaying imaginary creatures (she is strongly influenced by old natural history books), and has recently been exploring the avenue of jewellery and homewares. Check out her wonderfully imaginative and vibrant scultpures and jewellery below – we at Feel Desain are mesmorised by her beautiful, quirky work.  We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for her homewares range which includes brightly coloured resin urns and vessels. A must have!! You can get in contact with her on her website here.

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