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Fab Pre-fab Bunkie
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Fab Pre-fab Bunkie

Partnering studios 608 Design and BLDG Workshop designed the Bunkie. A tiny all-you-need-in-one-space using low impact materials.

The two companies share an intense admiration for the other’s work and an affinity for seeking new answers to old problems and processes.
In the case of the Bunkie, this involves reduced impact materials and adopting CNC detailing from furniture manufacturing for use in pre-fab construction.

The need for this architectural type is easily identified, re-born to function more beautifully with regards to its purpose and aesthetics.
By maintaining a transparent view of the site, the Bunkie is integrated into the landscape.
Its multi-use nature responds to both expanding families and recreational applications via three operating modes: open, play and sleep.

Photos | Text from the Bunkie website.
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