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Endless desk | Clive Wilkinson Architects
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Endless desk | Clive Wilkinson Architects

A 1,100-foot-long surface that snakes around the 23,000-square-foot office, providing work space for all 125 employees, including the chairman, Benjamin Palmer. The $300,000 table, which was installed last month, forms seven archways leading to conference rooms, a video screening room and restrooms.

“I designed an earlier version in 2004. We were working with an advertising agency in London called Mother, which had started with six people around a kitchen table. When we began with them, they had a 75-person table and they wanted a 200-person table. We based it on a racetrack the Fiat company had on their Turin factory rooftop, a big oval. It was 14 feet wide and cast in concrete, which was suitably ridiculous for an advertising company. They’re all about ephemera, and three-inch-thick concrete with rebar is as permanent as you can get.” – Clive Wilkinson

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