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E X P O | Paolo Pettigiani
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E X P O | Paolo Pettigiani

You may have come across some minimal photo series we’ve shared with you over the past couple of months, like the Minimal Bangkok series by Alif Korsem, or Feridun Akgüngör’s Minimal Pure. Today, it’s the turn of Paolo Pettigiani, and his Minimal Expo series, which is very relevant given that Milan Expo finishes at the end of this month. The photographer visited Milan’s Expo and decided to document it in a different way, looking at the curves and colours of the architecture. Check out the series below, and see which countries’ pavilions you can recognise…

MinimalExpo_feeldesain_01 MinimalExpo_feeldesain_02 MinimalExpo_feeldesain_03 MinimalExpo_feeldesain_04 MinimalExpo_feeldesain_05 MinimalExpo_feeldesain_06 MinimalExpo_feeldesain_07 MinimalExpo_feeldesain_08 MinimalExpo_feeldesain_09 MinimalExpo_feeldesain_10 MinimalExpo_feeldesain_11

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