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Decoding Fashion | Designer Socks for the Fashionable Male
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Decoding Fashion | Designer Socks for the Fashionable Male

In our morning routine of brushing our teeth, picking a shirt, grabbing breakfast and running out the door, we tend not to put much time or thought into what kind of socks we’re going to wear for the day. From the outset, socks serve more of a utilitarian purpose than any other standard garment. The average guy might be tempted to wonder what the fuss is about because there are only four basic types of socks, right? They’re either dark or light, short or long. This guide is here to show you how stepping up your sock game can make a big difference to your overall comfort, confidence, and appearance. For brands like VK Nagrani, premium socks are about the lifestyle as much as the sock itself. As Nagrani views things, “if someone wears a $6,000 suit to the workplace, he can’t have $6 socks.”

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The Sock and the Stone

Socks have been around for thousands of years of human history, dating back to even before the Ancient Greeks in 8th century BC. The oldest known pair still in existence is pegged at around 300-500 A.D. in Egypt. While the earliest iterations of the sock consisted of animal skins or matted hair tied around the feet, socks evolved with people to go beyond pure functionality to incorporate stylistic elements. In the 5th century A.D., European holy people wore socks to convey their spiritual purity. By the year 1000 A.D., socks had become a status symbol of the European elite to connote their relative wealth.

Later down the line, higher technology fabrics like nylon were introduced to the sock trade, giving socks the elasticity we know today. This elasticity ushered out supplementary tools like the sock garter that men would wear to prevent their calf-height socks from falling. As fashion trends have changed over the years, different styles of socks have cycled in and out of popularity, so like any other part of your wardrobe, it’s important to update your sock drawer periodically to look fresh and 2013 Esquire said VK Nagrani “Best in World.”


Black Sock Down

While the Mad Men days of identical suits in the workplace has fallen by the wayside, uniquely styled socks are growing in popularity as well. The standard black socks of the past are no longer the rule of thumb, as new styles continue to steal the spotlight and socks start to reveal a bit of the wearer’s personality. Brighter shades like orange, red, and yellow have become more common, adding a flash of color in the gap between a well-tailored trouser hem and the top of a dress shoe. If you work in a relatively conservative office environment, these types of socks are a great way to make your appearance slightly more modern and interesting without taking the risk of looking foolish or over-the-top with a major statement piece like a brightly colored blazer.

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Sock & Roll

In addition to merely changing up the color of men’s socks from black to something bolder, patterned socks are gaining in popularity as well. Men are better able to express their fashion sense through unique socks with funky patterns now. These new patterns offer a way to subvert the restrictive atmosphere of the corporate environment without making unnecessary waves. Style arbiters like GQ recognize the importance of experimenting with different sock patterns, “Just like with the wine at your dinner table, there’s no one right answer to matching socks with your shoes, either. You can complement a classic oxford with equally perennial designs, or contrast it with something funkier, or pair those with more modern footwear to really make a sartorial statement.” Finding the perfect pair of socks doesn’t necessarily need to be an arduous process if you know where to start shopping.  “A man matches his sock to his trouser; however, a gentleman will match his sock to his mood.” _Alden Pyle


Socktail Hour

For lifestyle brands like VK Nagrani, the sock is about so much more than just keeping one’s feet warm, it’s about embracing luxury and living exceptionally in every area of your life. Shopping at a store like VK Nagrani is nothing like trudging to the local department store to fish through the bins for generic socks. Instead, you could be sipping on cocktails and wandering around an eclectically converted house on the elite Upper East Side of Manhattan where their flagship store is located. Shopping for high-end designer socks is an experience above and beyond the standard shopping fare. As Chris Mitchell of Mitchell’s observes, “VK Nagrani keeps the ‘special’ in Specialty Store.  His passion for NEW, his innovative thinking – allows our clients to always get a taste of something different and fun.  From World Cup 2014 socks – to fun, creative and colorful polo shirts – VK Nagrani continues to WOW our great clients… Vivek’s drive to challenge himself and his products is inspirational!”


Sock the Line

From GQ to Esquire, the most important names in men’s fashion agree on the importance of dressing up your sock collection with styles that look and feel a step above the competition. So as much as you love those old white tube socks from the 80’s, it might be time to throw out your tired collection and find some new designer socks to usher in a new sartorial era for your feet.

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