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Dave Meyers-directed aesthetic for Beat by Dre involving Serena Williams
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Dave Meyers-directed aesthetic for Beat by Dre involving Serena Williams

Dave Meyers-directed aesthetic for Beat by Dre involving Serena Williams features her story as a “conflicted” hero -torn between her roles as mother or athlete. At home she’s attired in flouncy pink, the paragon of “traditional” femininity, but then the ad cuts to her at the center of a human tug of war. Her rose-clothed courtiers pull her toward her abode, while minions in black leather yank her toward her other calling.

All is resolved, however, when all unite in a single dance routine, and Williams steps forward in a regal blue gown and massive crown. “Now watch the Queen conquer,” Minaj recites as the camera zooms in on Wiliams’ framed face and a quote reads, “Never before was more greatness foreseen than in the eyes of a woman who made herself queen.” Keone and Mari Madrid were behind the choreography.

Following the recent Nike ad, and her win against Magda Linette at the U.S. Open, Serena Williams is back starring in yet another commercial, this time for Beats by Dre. Narrated by legendary Queens rapper Nas, the clip, titled “Queen of Queens,” also features Nicki Minaj and a cameo from Nigel Sylvester.


The spot was appropriately shot in Queens, showcasing Serena and a group of dancers exploring how her various interests are not at conflict with one another.

“Women are so often pressured to define themselves as one thing or another— a wife, a mother, an athlete or a career woman,” says Williams. “But, we are so much more than the boxes we place ourselves in. And like all women, what makes me a true queen is all these things… and then some. Nicki and I loved collaborating with Beats by Dr. Dre on this powerful concept because it encourages all of us to think bigger and beyond limits or boundaries. It’s an inspiring message that celebrates what’s possible when we embrace being a queen.”



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