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Connected Cycle | Smart pedal tracks thieves
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Connected Cycle | Smart pedal tracks thieves

Bike thefts are quite common in densely populated cities, and save for bike locks, there really aren’t great ways to ensure your bike doesn’t get stolen. In the event that it does, though, French startup Connected Cycle hopes that their new product, which we just saw here at CES 2015, will help you track down the thief.

The Connected Cycle is a simple concept: it’s a bike pedal that has GPS and GPRS chips inside and is powered by cycling — no batteries required. Whenever your bike pedals move, you get a push notification indicating such. Cellular data will be free for the first two years, followed by a paid subscription. In addition, the Connected Cycle tracks data from that movement, so it kind of doubles as a basic fitness tracker for your bike with the company’s dedicated app.

The company says that its bike pedals can attach to just about any bike in the world, and they come with a special adaptor that can only be removed with a key that’s supposed to be in the possession of the bike owner. Because this isn’t a consumer product yet, there’s no price or availability. However, if this thing ever does hit the market, we’ll be ready to try it out.

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