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Co-living and Co-working Hybrid for Students In Barcelona
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Co-living and Co-working Hybrid for Students In Barcelona

The Dutch hotel group The Student Hotel just opened its first two student-only Campus properties designed by Masquespacio. The space is a co-living and co-working hybrid.

The Valencia-based creative consultancy Masquespacio took charge of the refurbishment and design of both properties. The property is housed in a four-towered 21,000 m2 building that  includes 500 rooms. It features communal spaces, such as swimming pools, gaming zones, open and closed seating areas, as well as quiet study rooms to encourage connectivity and exchange while providing enough space for learning and development.

Considering both the international clientele and the strong identity of The Student Hotel, Masquespacio has developed its design by creating a mix that remains in keeping with the brand’s image while adding a touch of Mediterranean identity through the use of local materials and a bold color palette.

The property was designed in an eclectic style that fuses materials, colors and textures. One’ll recognize some Memphis style with a little bit of Seventies vintage and an industrial aesthetic, among others. Each corner, decorative detail and visual element aspires to blend perfectly with a student lifestyle by being part of their daily activities and aiming to be a source of inspiration for them.

Ana Hernández, creative director from Masquespacio points out: “It should be noted how the use of color not only influences ones mood, it can also be used to create a bold design statement in the environment.”

Photography by Luis Beltran

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