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Candy Coated Voodoo
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Candy Coated Voodoo

Candy Coated Voodoo is Hayley Elsaesser‘s first fashion collection. Her designs are inspired by imagery and ideas including pop culture, art and literature, along with her love of presenting negativity in a positive way.

For her current collection, Candy Coated Voodoo, Hayley explored the creepy and spooky, and gave it a positive twist by developing textile prints and laser-cut leather details to produce a colourful quirky collection that reminds us of  psychedelic 60s fashion. Hayley has worked with images that would normally be considered scary and eery,such as spiders, bugs and skulls. She then uses these images with bright, clashing colours, to create a fun, crazy collection.

We hope you enjoy the images below. Feel Desain.

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