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Camille Walala and her eye-popping interactive installation
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Camille Walala and her eye-popping interactive installation

The artist/designer Camille Walala has created for the Now Gallery an eye-popping interactive installation, Walala X Play, that’s complete with her signature graphic patterns, geometric shapes, and bold colors. This space welcomes visitors to explore, examine and enjoy a labyrinthine network of corridors and enclosed spaces in a ‘temple of wonder’.

A key part of this installation will be an imaginative puzzle which invites the solver to identify the inconsistencies between two otherwise identical images. WALALA x PLAY brings this concept off the page and into three- dimensional space, inviting visitors to linger and explore colour, shape and scale, contemplating formidable pattern to find the differences.

The anomalies and asymmetries will generally be discreetly positioned, requiring visitors to scrutinize the space from all angles to complete the puzzle. Secret spots will be found when looking down from the balcony or looking up at the suspended elements. This element of physicality will encourage individuals to become more aware of their bodies, engage their minds and give themselves over to PLAY.

Photos by Charles Emerson

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