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BLAQ – Victorian Gothic Font
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BLAQ – Victorian Gothic Font

Reviving typography through hand painted letters and pen and ink calligraphy experiments have been the real behind-the-scenes action this year at Resistenza. Giuseppe Salerno and Paco González formed the graphic design studio Resistenza in 2008, but it has only been within the past two years that their  passion for creating digital and hand drawn letters has exploded.

Sitting isn’t just sitting. Just getting coffee? Impossible. Font after font, week after week, they’ve been hard at work to put what they’re inspired by on paper both tirelessly and incessantly. Reviving typography adds a new dimension to everything Resistenza creates, from imaginative web design to stylized digital fonts, there are no limits; the world is their playground.  Seventies Afrobeat music from the heart of Africa became the Afrobeat font, the image of adorable Russian women with their heads covered became the Babushka font, seeing the pages of a favorite artist’s book became Wonder Wall, admiring a random chalkboard outside a Berlin coffee shop became Dolce Caffe.

You get the idea. Constantly inspired, Resistenza constantly surprises.
Their studio is worldwide. Everywhere but nowhere in particular.  Now those are some real artists.



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