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Augmented Reality Facial Hair Mugs
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Augmented Reality Facial Hair Mugs

To help Philips promote their grooming kits in Taiwan where the men prefer a clean-shaven appearance ad agency OgilvyAction created low tech ‘Augmented Reality’ mugs that would help change the perspectives of Taiwanese men on facial hair.

The transparent mugs come imprinted with various facial hair designs—that will be presented to men at various hair salons.
By placing the mugs on their lips, the men will get an idea of how their faces would look like with facial hair.

If the customer expresses interest on his newfound ‘ruggedness’, he would be given promotional offers on Philips grooming products.
In total, 95% of males changed their minds about having facial hair, and Philips saw a redemption rate of 25% and the cost per contact fell from $64 to $2.

Click to watch the video below to see how the ‘augmented reality’ mugs work:

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