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Uffizi to eat: starred chefs on Facebook create dishes inspired by the works of the museum
From january 17 the florentine museum launches a new format on its Facebook page: short videos where a known chef or character from the food and world cooks or proposes recipes starting from the gallery collections.

Giacomo Ceruti known as Pitocchetto, Boy with a basket of fish, courtesy Uffizi, Florence
Michelangelo Merisi detto il Caravaggio, Bacco – courtesy Uffizi Firenze

Works of art as a source of inspiration for starred chefs. It happens at none other than the Uffizi in Florence, just over a year ago they landed on Facebook, where they had no profile before the pandemic, then from the moment of registration immediately overwhelmed with followers (over 18 thousand) and hundreds of thousands of views reached in a few hours. And it is from here, from the popular social network where the museum publishes daily videos dedicated to the rooms of the Galleries and the art treasures contained in them, a new format is launched, this time focused on the combination of food and art.

This is Uffizi to eat, a new series of short films that the Florentine museum is about to launch on Facebook: every Sunday, starting from January 17, the Galleries will post a video in which a well-known chef or character from the food and wine world will choose a work from the collections (especially linked to the genre of still life present in profusion among the masterpieces kept in the Uffizi) and, inspired by the ingredients depicted (fruit, vegetables, meats, fish), will propose recipes to the public or cook dishes during the video itself. The aim of the series is to illustrate and deepen the intimate bond that has always linked the art of painting to that of gastronomy.

“In recent decades, the link between art and gastronomy has become a real science and subject of a serious historical investigation”, explains the director of the Uffizi Galleries Eike Schmidt. “Our intent, in these videos, is to create an even closer link with the works of the Museum, placing them in a current and vital context. Painted and cooked food thus meet on a level of truth that stimulates the observer’s attention and brings to the fore the deep and unexpected meanings hidden in the scenes and still lifes created by painters “.

Jacopo Chimenti detto l’Empoli, Dispensa con botte, selvaggina, carni e vasellame, courtesy Uffizi, Firenze

With Uffizi to eat, until late spring it will be possible to see a large group of chefs struggling with works by Caravaggio, Felice Casorati, Giovanna Garzoni and other great artists to find inspiration for their recipes. In the first episodes, for example, the Florentine chef Fabio Picchi, patron of the Cibrèo in Florence and also famous for his appearances on TV (in the Rai Tre show Geo and as a columnist in Piazzapulita and L’aria che tira on La7), will compare with the Boy with Fish by the eighteenth-century Giacomo Ceruti, while Dario Cecchini, butcher and restaurateur from Panzano in Chianti, already known for bringing the verses of Dante’s Divine Comedy into the kitchen, will propose his version of the Pantry with barrel, game, meat and pottery by Jacopo Chimenti known as L’Empoli, a Florentine painter of the sixteenth century. The starred chef Valeria Piccini, from the Da Caino restaurant, in Montemerano in the Grosseto area, will also propose her own recipe from a Still Life of Empoli. Finally, Marco Stabile, another starred chef at L’ora d’Aria in Florence, will create a dish based on Giorgio de Chirico’s painting Peppers and grapes.

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