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Apartment jewellery
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Apartment jewellery

Michael Ong and Sarah Crowley make jewellery that you’d want to live in. I’d happily sign a lease on any flat depicted in the brooches by these young Melbourne architects.

Their own homes have influenced the look of these perspex designs. “We both live in apartments and were inspired by our own living spaces!”

Accordingly, a giant Poliform lampshade from Sarah’s home makes an appearance, as does her Christmas tree and fireplace – a telltale sign of when she worked on this project.

The dog is actually my dog!” adds Sarah. Look closely and you’ll see a small-scale version of her furry sidekick, Dorothy, who is a rescue pet.


Michael and Sarah’s architectural backgrounds also play a role in how the jewellery looks, given that they both work in Melbourne residential firms. They’ve also worked on projects overseas, too. “I designed a modern farmhouse in Sicily – a traditional stone facade,  with an ultra-modern interior. Michael designed a super-modern apartment in   Hong Kong.”

“Some of the new houses and renovations that we have worked on have also inspired aspects of the current brooches and upcoming range, out in July/August. They will have furniture that is in keeping with the style of the house as well – Victorian terrace, Victorian-style furniture, etc.”

At this stage, you can buy the apartment brooches directly through Sarah, with stockists planned for the new brooches when they’re ready. These two architects may be the only ones in Australia offering affordable housing that you can actually wear.

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