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Anamorphic installation | akacorleone
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Anamorphic installation | akacorleone

portuguese artist akacorleone is presenting a solo show at the underdogs gallery, lisbon, comprised of a vast collection of installations, graffiti works and illustrations. at the exhibit’s centerpiece is the anamorphic ‘find yourself in chaos’, a richly colored circle which bears the piece’s namesake as a bold typographic composition. comprised of various objects, items and memorabilia, the dynamic teal colored installation is optically different at every angle and tricks the eye by appearing as a two-dimensional surface when viewed straight on. symbolism behind the work and notions addressed throughout the exhibition are described by the artist as ‘the feeling of excess of information in the brain which makes it impossible to focus on one task alone, the idea that we’re never satisfied making us therefore accumulate, the visual pollution to which we submit ourselves without questioning’. akacorleone is currently exhibiting ‘find yourself in chaos’ and other works at the underdogs gallery until march 15th, 2014.

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