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Analogia | Andrea Mancuso – Emilia Serra
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Analogia | Andrea Mancuso – Emilia Serra

Analogia presents depictions of furniture and accessories made with variably sized Merino wool on a net of fishing lines fixed from ceiling to floor and from wall to wall. The space was analysed with 3D software in order to position the fishing lines that created the framework for the “sketching-wool”.

“Analogia was born by sketching on paper, drawing ideas, having in mind our space and the people moving trough it. Afterwards the space was simply redrawn with a 3D software in order to position the initial framework. The rest and the definitive position of the art pieces were decided and created directly on site. The name derives from the italian word for analogy and the concept grew during the process of its construction. In fact while we were applying the wool, studying every brushstroke, we realised that the process was a meticulous replication of sketching.”

Analogia #001

Andrea Mancuso  / Emilia Serra

Analogia #003

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