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Adorable animal tissue boxes | Sparkly Pony
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Adorable animal tissue boxes | Sparkly Pony

Having a cold is no fun at all, but these tissue boxes by Sparkly Pony might just cheer you up, even when you’re sick. The tissue boxes come in various different colourful designs, from bunny rabbit to humpback whale or dinosaur, and their playful design will make you feel better instantly. If you like them as much as we do, you can get your own from the Sparkly Pony Etsy store.

TissueHolder_feeldesain_01 TissueHolder_feeldesain_02 TissueHolder_feeldesain_03 TissueHolder_feeldesain_04 TissueHolder_feeldesain_05 TissueHolder_feeldesain_06 TissueHolder_feeldesain_07

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