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ADELE portrait | RED (Hong Yi)
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ADELE portrait | RED (Hong Yi)

Another amazing portrait by RED ( Hong Yi ) – This time she used candles to create an ADELE Portrait. Check it out !

” I’m doing a 4 part project involving the 4 basic elements: fire, water, wind and earth.
So for FIRE, I chose to do ADELE’s portrait (also, I wanted to do a portrait of a Brit after the London Olympics…oh and also, I love her!!). Her song ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ inspired me to use candles and fire as my painting materials…but why?

To me, ADELE was probably singing about the pain of a lost relationship. Rain may be a metaphor for her tears she cried, and she is setting fire to it to burn and destroy her pain. I’ve used blue candles to represent tears, and by setting fire to them, they melt and flow into each other, forming a portrait of ADELE.

This took about 2 weeks to plan out – I spent about a week looking for the right materials for it (thank God I’m living in China…I got them at a wholesale centre and haggled like crazy for a good deal!), and another week on working out how to use hot candle wax as my ‘paint’. The art piece itself took about 7 hours to complete, and I think I used about 1500 candles!

…and if you’re wondering, YES I did burn a finger! :p “


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