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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 43: Vanke Pavilion
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 43: Vanke Pavilion

The next in our A Milan Expo Pavilion A Day series is from the Chinese leader in real estate, Vanke. The 959 square metre pavilion is a showpiece of contemporary life in China, from the perspective of ordinary people. Inside is a representation of the Shi-Tang, a traditional convivial space offering cheap food and a fantastic environment. The pavilion was designed by Libeskind Architects and was intended to represent a journey through space and time. It has a roof garden as well as an installation inside based on the metaphor of roots, trunks and branches, which relates to the symbolism of commitment to the community. The pavilion was created using over four thousand metallic tiles, making the exterior look as if it’s made from dragon skin. After the Expo ends, Vanke will ensure that all of the steel components and tiles used for the pavilion’s construction are put to other use.

ExpoVanke_feeldesain_01 ExpoVanke_feeldesain_02 ExpoVanke_feeldesain_03 ExpoVanke_feeldesain_04 ExpoVanke_feeldesain_05 ExpoVanke_feeldesain_06 ExpoVanke_feeldesain_07 ExpoVanke_feeldesain_08 ExpoVanke_feeldesain_09 ExpoVanke_feeldesain_10 ExpoVanke_feeldesain_11 ExpoVanke_feeldesain_12 ExpoVanke_feeldesain_13 ExpoVanke_feeldesain_14 ExpoVanke_feeldesain_15 ExpoVanke_feeldesain_16

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