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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 32: Ecuador
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 32: Ecuador

Ecuador’s three-story pavilion is the next on our tour of Milan Expo pavilions. Designed by Zorrozua y Asociados, it tells the world about Ecuador through bright colours and a voyage through the landscapes, culture, history, environment and biodiversity of the South American nation. Four areas can be found within the pavilion: one highlighting the different regions in terms of geography, the next focusing on the food of the nation, another offering a space for relaxation and reflection, and the last offering a fun area as well as a restaurant and multifunctional space. One zone is particularly interactive – the museography room, a dark space featuring projections of four major films from the four principal regions of Ecuador’s biodiversity (the Amazon, the Andes, the Coast, and the Galapagos). 3D holograms show Ecuador’s gastronomy, while the smell of the products wafts around the room, creating a kind of virtual tasting experience. The pavilion’s theme, Journey to the Center of Life, was chosen due to Ecuador’s location literally at a central point on the planet, as well as referring to the origin, essence, and beginning of everything, and of course Jules Verne’s famous novel Journey to the Center of the Earth. Check out some images of the Ecuadorian pavilion below.

ExpoEcuador_feeldesain_01 ExpoEcuador_feeldesain_02 ExpoEcuador_feeldesain_03 ExpoEcuador_feeldesain_04 ExpoEcuador_feeldesain_05 ExpoEcuador_feeldesain_06 ExpoEcuador_feeldesain_07 ExpoEcuador_feeldesain_08 SONY DSC ExpoEcuador_feeldesain_10 ExpoEcuador_feeldesain_11 ExpoEcuador_feeldesain_12

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