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8-bit famous cats and dogs | re:blog
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8-bit famous cats and dogs | re:blog

fascinated by the number of famous pets in pop culture and, how they’ve become a part of our collective imagination, eurydyka kata & rafał szczawiński of re:design have created a pixelated graphic in homage to them. well-known cats, kittens and their familiar sidekicks have undergone an 8-bit treatment, simplified into colorful, graphic illustrations. hello kitty, alice in wonderland’s cheshire cat, and the pink panther — just to name a few — are brought together in a poster called ‘cats in the night’, which includes a small blurb about each character, like its name and story of origin, at the bottom. a unifying image was achieved through careful selection of chroma, and number of pixels used to describe each figure. cat quirks, like their nighttime habit of sneaking around, is appropriated into the scene as a deep blue background and single pixel ‘stars’ that fall throughout the poster.

cats-in-the-night-recreates-famous-felines-in-8-bit--01 cats-in-the-night-recreates-famous-felines-in-8-bit--02 cats-in-the-night-recreates-famous-felines-in-8-bit--03 cats-in-the-night-recreates-famous-felines-in-8-bit--04 cats-in-the-night-recreates-famous-felines-in-8-bit--05 cats-in-the-night-recreates-famous-felines-in-8-bit-06 Printdog-day-dog04 dog-day-dog07 dog-day-dog08 dog-day-dog12 dog-day-dog14 dog-day-dog24 dog-day-intro dog-day-poster

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