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7132 Hotel & Arrival | Morphosis Architects
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7132 Hotel & Arrival | Morphosis Architects

This architectural concept of a luxury hotel in Vals, Switzerland has been created by American studio Morphosis Architects for 7132. The architects want to create a sculpturally and aesthetically impressive experience for visitors with their 3-part proposal. The three main structures would be a podium, cantilever, and 381-metre high tower, where 107 rooms would be, each boasting amazing panoramic views. The mirrored surface of the tower allows the tall tower to blend seamlessly into the sky and mountains surrounding it, and the modern, minimalist structure does not look out of place in the stunning setting, and connects guests to nature. In addition, the hotel will offer spas, restaurants, cafe, bar, ballroom, library, pool, fitness and business centres, and more. Visit the architects’ site to find out more about the project.

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