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Letter still life | Bela Borsodi

The words ‘serif’ and ‘sans serif’ can get a designers heart beating a bit faster – new and interesting fonts can be a inspirational jumping off point. These photograph based letters from New York based photographer Bela Borsodi definitely have a wide appeal. Borsodi uses household objects and empty space so as to nearly make it appear he happened on the letters by chance. He clearly has a knack for making the meticulously planned appear casual. Borsodi’s skill has won him clients such as the Esquire, Details, and the Wall Street Journal.

Bela-Borsodi-Alphabet-Photography-4 feeldesain

Bela-Borsodi-Alphabet-Photography-1 feeldesain


Bela-Borsodi-Alphabet-Photography-2 feeldesain

Bela-Borsodi-photography5 feeldesain

Bela-Borsodi-photography4 feeldesain

Bela-Borsodi-photography3 feeldesain

Bela-Borsodi-photography2 feeldesain

Bela-Borsodi-photography11 feeldesain

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