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Broom Chair | Philippe Starck
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Broom Chair | Philippe Starck

French designer Philippe Starck has teamed up with Pennsylvania-based chair manufacturer Emeco to produce a chair
that is made from 90% pre-consumer waste.

Called a ‘Broom Chair’, the chair is inspired by using a broom to sweep up excess materials—such as wood shavings and plastics, that were produced in manufacturing factories.

Based on Starck’s ‘sweeping’ idea, the Broom Chair was made using the various discarded materials—that were destined for landfills—and turned into sustainable, refined and functional modern furniture. The chair will be available in a range of colors and is expected to be released at the end of June. Has the Broom Chair ‘swept’ you away?  Watch the videos below for the concept behind the Broom Chair:


Says Emeco, “In most manufacturing there is waste. Ends and pieces of plastic and wood are discarded and thrown away. Imagine a new material that sweeps up this waste, combines it, and makes something strong and smart and beautiful. The result is the Broom chair.” 


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