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Band Shirt Minimalism
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Band Shirt Minimalism

In 2001, a Netherlands based design group called Experimental Jetset created three designs: John & Paul & Ringo & George, Keith & Mick & Bill & Charlie & Brian, and Joey & DeeDee & Johnny & Tommy (band members from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Ramones respectively and obviously.) This design was supposed to be an archetypal band shirt, that represented the essence of the band by simply listing their first names. Most t-shirt fans are not only familiar with this iconic design, but also some of the many unsanctioned variations it’s spawned. It’s easy enough to apply the template of Helvetica font, vertically listed names to any other band (rip-off or tribute: you decide) but when you use the design with things other than bands, it can become a great parody. SO, listed for your pleasure, the top ten experimental jetset parody t-shirts:


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