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We already talked about Aakash’s work previously, but the 5th of April he will be exposing for the first time in Italy at the Wunderkammern Gallery in Rome.

Born in Queens (USA) but with indian origins, he uses coloured flourescent adhesive tape to construct simple geometrical shapes that simulate a parallel 3d world. These shapes work thanks to intelligent optical illusions which work only at certain point of views. The observer then interacts with the shapes, makes them come alive, giving it a different sense every time. In his street installations people interact with the tape entering in the new dimension and becoming part of it or simply engages without even knowing.


WK_Nihalani_Platforms_cred.-Aakash-Nihalani Optical-Illusion-by-Aakash-Nihalani4-640x360 Optical-Illusion-by-Aakash-Nihalani7-640x426 Optical-Illusion-by-Aakash-Nihalani11-640x339 WK_Nihalani_a_Studio-II WK_Nihalani_Courtyard_cred.-Lovis-Dengler-Ostenrik WK_Nihalani_Domino_cred.-Aakash-Nihalani WK_Nihalani_Drop_cred.-Aakash-Nihalani WK_Nihalani_Impact_cred.-Lovis-Dengler-Ostenrik WK_Nihalani_Overhead_cred.-Aakash-Nihalani Optical-Illusion-by-Aakash-Nihalani3-640x853 WK_Nihalani_Platforms-II_cred.-Aakash-Nihalani WK_Nihalani_Portal_cred.-Aakash-Nihalani WK_Nihalani_Aakash_cred.-Noah-Kalina WK_Nihalani_Rainborough-II_cred.-Aakash-Nihalani WK_Nihalani_When-the-Red-Fern-Flows_cred.-Aakash-Nihalani Aakash1

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