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La Iglesia Skate | Okuda San Miguel

La Iglesia Skate |  Okuda San Miguel

The artist Okuda San Miguel designed geometrical and colorful frescos that enhance an old church turned into a beautiful indoor skatepark. Created in collaboration with Red Bull, Kaos Temple located in the La Iglesia Skate, in the city of llanera in the Asturias region of...

Black Light Bikes | photo by Marcelo Maragni

Black Light Bikes |  photo by Marcelo Maragni

The Black Light Bikes project by Brazilian photographer Marcelo Maragni, who captured freestylers at night with fluorescent paint, LED lights and flashes of customized black light. A beautiful series created for Red Bull Photography   Don’t forget to follow Feeldesain on Twitter + Facebook  + Pinterest to get all the latest updates.

Red Bull | Sports in Sequence

Red Bull | Sports in Sequence

Photography and sports go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly. Who can forget Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston? Or John Carlos and crew throwing up the black power fist in the ’68 Olympics? So when we stumbled across all...

Crazy Old Mules | Illustrations

Crazy Old Mules | Illustrations

Estudio Minga, the Argentina-based design company who was behind those awesome WTF posters just sent word about their latest series. Called Crazy Old Mules, this set sprung from one of their brainstorming sessions. Designer Lucas Bibao tells us that they wanted...

Street Art View

Da non confondere con il recente progetto di Google che punta a portarvi dentro i più famosi musei del mondo, il nuovo progetto Street Art View vi consente di vedere la migliore street art del pianeta come è stata immortalata in Google...

THE ART OF FLIGHT // Snowboard

Il capolavoro cinematografico dedicato al mondo dello snowboard ‘The Art of Flight’ uscirà al cinema nel settembre 2011. Girato in location paradisiache e estreme come Jackson Hole, Alaska, Aspen, Patagonia e British Columbia, il film segue le gesta di Travis Rice,...

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