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OBSOLETE by Nick Gentry

OBSOLETE by Nick Gentry

If Play Button please click on the Like button, than watch the Video.Thanks. Nick and His Floppy disk art is Back! Paintings by London artist Nick Gentry. Made using floppy disks and other outdated media formats. More works inside the...

Street Art Collection

Artist Mentalgassi brings the streets to life with human images on city buildings and objects. If anyone ever thought the streets were cold, maybe his art will warm it up with it’s personal human touch. MORE STREET ART & GRAFFITI...

Hiperealistic Illustrations

The majority of Berto Martinez‘s illustrations are published alongside editorials in magazines. The image at top was actually composed for a CD cover (Francois K., “Ministry of Sound”).       Art © Berto Martinez Link via Behance Network  

Studio Raar Photoshoot

A beautiful series thanks to a shooting of the photographer Ruud Round of applause, putting in scene the duet Maurice Ciapponi and Niels Mulder of the agency Dutchwoman “Raar Studio”. An original meeting with an explosion of paintings and a...

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