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The New World Trade Center

The New World Trade Center

Piranha was commissioned by Silverstein Properties to create a short film depicting the completion of The New World Trade Center site. Piranha wrote, produced, art directed, filmed, and finished all vfx for this inspiring piece marking the 10th year anniversary...

Chiquita Banana – New Stickers

Chiquita Banana –  New Stickers

Chiquita’s latest ad campaign imbues its audience with an instant sense of wonder. Using playful illustrations on stickers juxtaposed to the iconic Chiquita stickers, the product and brand become more engaging to the consumer—plus they just look cool. We got...

Aston Martin Phone Concept

Aston Martin makes some of the most drool-worthy cars on the planet, so any phone that’s going to carry the Aston Martin logo had better look pretty sleek. This transparent phone concept from Mobiado should do the trick, with a...

Beekman Tower in NYC by Frank Gehry

Cool 76-story residential tower designed by famous architect Frank Gehry. At 870 feet tall, New York by Gehry is the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere and a great addition to the Manhattan skyline. The exterior is covered with stainless steel waves that...

Two photographers in New York

Two photographers have a chance encounter. A Wandering Hat Production Featuring Alex Ellis and Mike Zemrose Director of Photography: Brian Stansfield Editors: Kyle Drexler and Ryan Smith Sound Design: Kyle Drexler Color: Kyle Drexler Music by Luke Rathborne Produced by...

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