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Photographer Grant Mallory  travelled across the United States to visit main national parks. He photographed his girlfriend with her hula hoop ornamented with LED. The artist made a beautiful series of light painting with the luminous and colorful trajectories created by...

Black Light Bikes | photo by Marcelo Maragni

Black Light Bikes |  photo by Marcelo Maragni

The Black Light Bikes project by Brazilian photographer Marcelo Maragni, who captured freestylers at night with fluorescent paint, LED lights and flashes of customized black light. A beautiful series created for Red Bull Photography   Don’t forget to follow Feeldesain on Twitter + Facebook  + Pinterest to get all the latest updates.

Kako.Ko Lamp E

This lamp was made to be played with! Lamp E by Kako.Ko design studio is made of tough extruded aluminum and a single side of LED lights that line each of the three rectangular multi-directional branches to direct light to...

Shanghai Museum of Glass

Shanghai’s shiny new Museum of Glass opened last week as part of Shanghai’s campaign of becoming a globally important cultural and creative centre by launching 100 museums in a decade. Shanghai-based German architectural firm Logon handled the architecture and exterior of the museum....

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