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Dog People vs Cat People | Infographic

Dog People vs Cat People | Infographic

It’s the classic dinner table question – Are you a dog person or a cat person? There’s significant research on the personality differences between the two. Cat lovers are reportedly more introverted, independent, and neurotic, while people who prefer dogs...

Twin: Geishas Graffiti by HUSH

Hush returns to Los Angeles with a new collection of work reflecting his unique blend of street and cross-cultural aesthetics. Playing primarily with the idea of duality, the exhibition is a carefully calibrated experience of Twin paintings—15 mixed-media woks on...

Dirty Water / Acqua Sporca (creativa)

In occasione della Giornata mondiale dell’acqua, ecco la campagna di solidarietà internazionale per sensibilizzare la gente sull’inquinamento dell’acqua. Ideata dall’agenzia BDDP Unlimited, il video è stato prodotto da Hush e diretto da Clement Beauvais. Creato solamente con Acqua ed inchiostro. Geniale.

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