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Surreal sculptures | Nancy Fouts
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Surreal sculptures | Nancy Fouts

Imagine cracking an egg open, only to find another egg inside of it! Or imagine going about your normal morning routine, when you grab your toothbrush and find out that it’s made out of teeth! London-based American artist Nancy Fouts has conjured up these creative scenarios and beyond. In her remarkably intriguing sculptures, Fouts combines objects in playful and completely surprising ways. Her surreal sculptures are unexpected juxtapositions meant to entertain her audiences. Often there isn’t a straightforward explanation for the combinations and Fouts leaves the interpretation of each piece up to her viewers. She said her work is, “All about manipulating the object to realize my idea. Everything starts with the idea.”

When we asked if her work involved Photoshop manipulations, Fouts said, “They are real sculptures, I hate Photoshop!” She tends to collect massive amounts of stuff in boxes in order to foster her inspiration. Watch as she turns everyday objects into surprisingly new and fantastical creations. Her great sense of humor can be seen throughout her pieces. “It’s not deep, but it’s entertaining and it makes people smile,” she said.

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