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Modern German Architecture – Unusual Concrete House Plan
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Modern German Architecture – Unusual Concrete House Plan

A prime example of forward-thinking, modern German architecture, this concrete house plan by Architects Brauning is situated in a dense urban centre, but its unusual look and unique flow are totally out of this world. Concrete, steel, wood and an expansive glass wall make their way around this home’s irregular shape, offering awesome views of the outdoors. Inside, this modern house spreads living areas across four levels, which are open to one another but still provide a level of privacy. The architects stayed away from a traditional layout of walls and rooms, opting rather for an open-concept house plan that allows for a connection between these conventionally separate living spaces. The four-tiered design lets residents appreciate the modern yet cozy fireplace from any room. Below the living spaces are two lower levels, housing the bathroom with a gorgeous stone bathtub, and the master bedroom. Architects Brauning








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