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Eco Deer Head | Michele Pianezza
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Eco Deer Head | Michele Pianezza

Have you ever dream about a deer head in your home? Check it out the ecologist Eco Deer Head. The idea started as a textile designs business more than 60 years ago, giving life to MihoUnexpected Things Brand. The idea come up from Michele Pianezza, whose aim was to bring  something not predictable and innovative to the decor market. The company was born in a green and quite village in North Italy, a place to be inspired to create new and unexpected products as the Eco Deer Head.


With the launch of eco-friendly trophies and decorative birdhouses, all coming flat packed in an eye-catching packaging, the ambitious goal was immediately achieved. Year after year the range has grown, hand in hand with the number of fans and followers.


Miho Unexpected Things‘ is from where you can purchase the products to decorate your home; an eye-catching trophies to give any room a touch of color. You can choose among a wide selection of sizes and designs.

EcoDeerHead_feeldesain_1 EcoDeerHead_feeldesain_2 EcoDeerHead_feeldesain_3  EcoDeerHead_feeldesain_5 EcoDeerHead_feeldesain_6 EcoDeerHead_feeldesain_7 EcoDeerHead_feeldesain_8

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