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A Cultural Water Sanctuary by Richard Yasmine
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Lebanese designer Richard Yasmine’s latest design piece is called Ô-CULT and it’s a social design project related to the use of water.

Commissioned for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy and curated byLa Triennale di Milano Design Museum, the project is part of  the exhibition titled “The shapes of Water”.

design social project related to the importance of water

The symbolism of water has a universal trace of purity and fertility

It is the source of life since the ancient cultures and considered an aspect of wisdom that takes the form in which it is held. It does not resist, it flows, but always goes where it wants to go to fill empty spaces.

As water is becoming rare yet more and more precious due to the environmental problems such as global warming, pollution, climate changes etc… here’s a work that expresses the importance of water.

design social project related to the importance of water

Richard Yasmine’s concept was to create a fantastic water safe, a water sanctuary that takes shape of a mascot/Genie imitating the authentic type of liquid containers descending since the Neolithic period till the ancient Roman era passing by our heritage but definitely in a contemporary silhouette using multiple materials. In addition to the shape, providing a faucet, using the whole component as a useful water dispenser.

red piece celebrating the importance of water

The concept of “Ô-CULT” – the water sanctuary – is inspired from the Memphis movement

It is based on combining various functions altogether melting the jar to the fountain. In some Lebanese villages there are a few examples: thirsty people can come drink from its flowing water.

Ô-CULT the water sanctuary

The body of the piece is made of stainless steel, all covered with neo terracotta. On the top a headpiece of red glossy finishing paint on stainless steel that imitates a mysterious animal head shape. This can be seen as a reflection to the mythical stone masks of animals or heroes used previously on ancient fountains.

A turquoise funnel or a huge pipette in the head symoolizes actually rainwater collecting. The head can be turned upside down to recreate an old amphora or bowl with also 2 big ears/handles. Every piece is handcrafted carefully by artisans. The decoration and other fetish items are made of natural rough jute tassels and blacked brass. The overall eccentric appearance creates an euphoric humoristic cult totem so far an occult phenomenon capable of granting wishes when summoned.

To see more about Richard Yasmine, take a look at HAWA Beirut Collection Inspired From The Lebanese Architecture.

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