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The Things That 100 Global Creatives Cannot Live Without

The Things That 100 Global Creatives Cannot Live Without

There is something very fascinating about the essentials that people carry around with them, which appeals to the voyeur in us—this is especially true when these things belong to a group of highly creative personalities.

Conceived as a side project to accompany the Kickstarter launch of “A Better Backpack” by creative director and designer Daniel Eckler of MIJLO, the “Essentials” photo series lets us peek into the bags of 100 global creatives to find out what they cannot live without.

Featuring well-known members of the creative scene, the project includes contributions from designers, editors, bloggers, photographers and artists.

While some of the images are packed with dozens of items, others contain surprisingly few things. Devices such as phones, cameras and notebooks are common essentials found in many bags—however, odd objects such as a pineapple and ping pong paddles have also been spotted.

These snapshots of essentials are great fun to peruse and offer a glimpse into the world of the people who produce creative work for a living.

View all 100 images on the project’s website.

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