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Smart Beam Projector
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Smart Beam Projector

During the last few weeks, the Feel Desain team had the opportunity to test the Smart Beam Projector by Innoio. Our first impression was extremely positive because we had a pocket size projector that offered the equivalent of a 100 inch screen. We utilized the Smart Beam in the office for videos, powerpoint presentations and we gave it to our employees to test at home while watching movies. This product offers a combination of great design and technology that is beneficial for both business and leisure occasions. We definitely recommend giving it a try!




The Smart Beam projector is low maintenance and portable. Packaged with the projector are an AC adapter, HDMI cable, and an MHL cable. Each end of the cables is clearly marked as to where they connect. I am not a fan of cables, and I appreciate Innoio’s step to eliminate the guesswork for me. When using an iDevice, such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you will need to use the Apple Digital AV adapter or Lightning Digital AV adapter (sold separately) with the provided HDMI cable. This projector also comes wrapped in its own plastic shock absorber.

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