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Masquespacio designs Hikari Yakitori bar

Inspired by the different quarters and alleys of Kabukicho, Omoide Yokocho y Hajimeya in Tokyo, where most of the yakitori bars are established, Masquespacio brought back the noise and smell, as well as a their reinvented visual pollution from Japan’s capital. A monochrome color scheme represented by grey and rusty finishes, as wall as a touch of wood that adds warmth is used for the the overall concept. Wood is mixed with concrete and metal, while the classic lanterns cast a shadow of typical alley light in the corridors. A square without exit is full of lighted boards that hang from the ceiling, a small food stand and a reinvention of the commerce of the famous district from the Japanese capital, here used like a set of small houses that settle the visitors of the restaurant. From the metal, cement and wood interior of the small houses, below a dimmed light, the visitor enjoys an overwhelming view on the central place full of contrasts like if they wear sitting in one of the most authentic streets of the Nippon city.

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