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Connections for Facebook

04.11.2011 | Architecture, Design

Revealing the Facebook Social Graph in Physical Reality

Connections for Facebook
developed by Obscura Digital was a physical installation demonstrated during F8, Facebook‘s developer’s conference.

Conference attendees were identified through their RFID-enabled event badge, so the projected visualization could access their Facebook profiles. The radial bar graphs surrounding an attendee was dynamically constructed from that person’s complete graph data. Each blue bar represents a friends, a green bar maps to an interest, and the other colors represent various types of interests, such as books, movies, music, sports teams, arts, and so on. The connecting lines between people represent the shared connections, so that their relative density indicates the level of connectedness.

For more information please visit: http://www.obscuradigital.com/work/detail/f8/

Obscura Digital created a physical, social, augmented reality experience dubbed “Connections” at F8, Facebook’s developer’s conference. Attendees swipe in to the experience using their RFID enabled event badge. Multiple overhead projectors map visuals to the floor and an array of 3D cameras are used to reliably track any number of people within the space.

Once “logged in” to Connections, a radial visualization, constructed from the user’s social graph data, surrounds them creating a unique “fingerprint”. Colored lines extend from the circles connecting people who share one or more of the observed metrics (mutual friends, interests, workplaces, schools, locations, birth sign, or non-English languages). When two or more people, who have mutual connections, stand within close proximity, a slideshow of mutual friends and interests appear between them.

Positioned behind the Connections space, a large screen shares aggregate data about the collective group- surfacing common interests and profiling the most connected of the group.

Connections for Facebook

In occasione del “F8“, la conferenza per gli sviluppatori di Facebook, la Obscura Digital ha ideato “Connections”, un progetto per condividere visivamente le relazioni legate al social network, attraverso l’esperienza della realtà aumentata. I partecipanti (utilizzando il proprio badge abilitato via RFID), potevano aggirarsi su una mappa grafica riprodotta su un pavimento dove, tramite una serie di telecamere 3D, è stata tracciata la loro attività online.

Una volta loggati, “Connections” inizia a generare una visualizzazione radiale a partire dai dati dell’utente, creando una sorta di “impronta digitale” unica. Un’infografica in movimento, con le linee colorate che si estendono e avvicinano i cerchi tra le persone che condividono uno o più dei parametri osservati (amici comuni, interessi, luoghi di lavoro, studi, segno zodiacale o lingue diverse dall’inglese), i quali compaiono poi proiettati tra di loro.

[Obscura Digital via infosthetics]

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