24h Week Month

24.11.2015 | Architecture, Design, Photo Story pod | AKB

Today’s innovation is based in Toronto and is called Story Pod. As the name suggest is a pod for stories located near the main street of the city of Newmarket, Canada. The aim of the pod is a book exchange, where visitors can take...
StoryPod_FeelDesain_00 Story pod | AKB

13.11.2015 | Architecture, Street Art Warde | HQ Architects

Pedestrians in Jerusalem’s Vallero Square can enjoy these beautiful interactive flowers which bloom and close depending on whether pedestrians are around or not. Designed by HQ Architects, the poppies are not only intended to provide shade from the sun and light when it’s dark, but also add a touch...
warde_feeldesain_00 Warde | HQ Architects

20.10.2015 | Architecture, Art, Interior design SIX ROOMS | AI WEIWEI

Architector, photographer, artist and editor: Ai Weiwei the Chinese artist created the Six-Rooms for the Sifang Art Museum of Nanjing. A sort of art work that start from architecture leading to interior design. Six-Room is built by six independent units connected between each other by long corridors. Made...
SixRooms_feeldesain_00 SIX ROOMS | AI WEIWEI