24h Week Month

27.1.2015 | Graphic Vice on Sky TG24

La prima stagione di VICE on Sky T24 ha raccontato delle storie importanti ma poco conosciute in un modo diretto e innovativo, e soprattutto dall’interno, allontanandosi dallo stile di giornalismo mainstream. Nelle prime puntate parlerà, tra le altre cose, del rapporto tra ‘Ndrangheta e...
vice-sky-tg24-feeldesain Vice on Sky TG24

27.1.2015 | Infographic 100 ICONIC VEHICLES

Across all cultures, humans have a unique fascination with the things that take us to where we need to be. The admiration that we have for our vehicles is clear as day in popular culture, where the landscape is dotted with hundreds of muscle...
copertina_feeldesain 100 ICONIC VEHICLES

26.1.2015 | Graphic Canada’s New Passport

The Canadian passport has potentially earned the unexpected distinction of being the coolest passport to pull out at a rave. The pages of the new passport (released in mid-2013) are covered in fun and colorful UV-reactive images that can only be seen under a...
canada_open_feeldesain Canada’s New Passport