24h Week Month

2.10.2014 | Photo Simmetry Photography | Sasha Levin

For Moscow-based photographer Sasha Levin, beauty in the world is found through symmetry. His Instagram account (@sashalevin) features monumental images with strong compositional lines made by architecture. Levin skillfully frames his shots with figures that are surrounded by a trail of arches, concrete beams,...
Simmetry_feeldesain_00 Simmetry Photography | Sasha Levin

30.9.2014 | Packaging Sexy Food | Atelier Design

“Sexyfood doesn’t just sell insects, it sells unique experiences. The concept itself is very simple: why don’t you surprise your friends with something different, like an insect-tasting session? Sexyfood provides all the ingredients for an unforgettable evening. The appearance of the products – the...
Sexy_food_feeldesain_00 Sexy Food | Atelier Design