24h Week Month

1.4.2015 | Photo 3D Twin Portrait Figurines | Twindom

Looking for an alternative to a traditional portrait? We give you: Twindom – makers of 3D-printed, powdered plaster colour portraits, aka “twins”. The company aims to create a different kind of memory instead of classic photos, and uses 3D printing techniques to do just that....
3Dportrait_feeldesain_00 3D Twin Portrait Figurines | Twindom

1.4.2015 | Gadgets LifePaint | Volvo

Volvo has teamed up with Grey London to create LifePaint - a reflective spray intended for the use of cyclists and others who use the roads in the dark and want to stay safe and visible. The spray “paint” (which isn’t really paint at all) is...
Life Paint feel desain Volvo 07 LifePaint | Volvo

30.3.2015 | Design Geometric pet bed | Pup & Kit

Toronto based designers PUP & KIT started designing their own animal beds when they realised that nothing on the current market looked good enough in their space. One of their designs is this “pet cave” which doubles up as a practical and stylish geometric...
CopertinaMissyCave Geometric pet bed | Pup & Kit