24h Week Month

29.7.2015 | Design WatchMe | Vivien Muller

Another Kickstarter campaign today – this one’s by French designer Vivien Muller, and these are his little Apple Watch-charging critters. The creatures are called WatchMe, and have been created to turn Apple’s smartwatches into little monsters while they charge. The recyclable plastic charging stands (which...
WatchMe_feeldesain_00 WatchMe | Vivien Muller

28.7.2015 | Art Antrum | Tatiana Plakhova

Antrum is a mesmerising interactive installation using bright, laser-like computer graphics which were based on mathematical functions and designed by Tatiana Plakhova. The audience is welcomed into a membrane “grotto” and encouraged to interact with the artwork, touching the membrane and consequently twisting, pulling...
Antrum_feeldesain_00 Antrum | Tatiana Plakhova

27.7.2015 | Architecture The Skysphere | Jono Williams

We’ve shown you a few cool treehouses lately, and this one – although not technically in the trees – is up there with the best of them. The inhabitant and designer, New Zealander Jono Williams, originally wanted a countryside retreat supported by trees, but didn’t want...
The Skysphere feel desain Jono Williams 6 The Skysphere | Jono Williams