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30.10.2014 | Art, Video Psych-O-Lantern | Yuliya Tsukerman

Brooklyn-based artist Yuliya Tsukerman, best-known for her scrimshaw art on ostrich eggs, has turned her hand to spooky pumpkin art, just in time for Halloween.   Tsukerman’s work, titled Psych-o-lantern, recreates the famous shower scene from Hitchcock’s Psycho, and required numerous pumpkins. Over two...
Psych-O-Lantern Feeldesain Yuliya Tsukerman16 Psych-O-Lantern | Yuliya Tsukerman

29.10.2014 | Web The Pros of Fast Thermal Printing

Running a small business is all about making little decisions that impact the future in big ways. When you’re just starting out, finding the right employees can require an agonizingly long interview process. When you’re setting up your point of sale system, choosing between...
The Pros of Fast Thermal Printing