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17.10.2014 | Design, Gadgets Coffee Travel Kit | Timbuk2

For true coffee lovers, enjoying a well-crafted cup isn’t just a luxury, it’s a daily necessity. Exploring new places near and far sometimes leads us to enlightening coffee discoveries by way of small-town roasters but, more often than not, it results in stale gas...
Blue Bottle Coffee Travel Kit  Feel desain Timbuk28 Coffee Travel Kit | Timbuk2

17.10.2014 | Graphic Antalis Letterpress Box | YAGWYD

German design studio YAGWYD used a classic printing method to design fictional candy bar slik for U.K. paper merchant Antalis. The goal of the project was to illustrate the possibilities of letterpress printing and exhibit the brand’s premium paper products at this year’s Inspiring Papers Tour.  ...
Silk_feeldesain_00 Antalis Letterpress Box | YAGWYD

17.10.2014 | Fashion Blazon Scarf Collection

To introduce her collection of graphic and colorful scarves Blazon, English designer Natasha Coverdale thought about taking a series of tropical pictures. The most exotic birds wear the scarves that correspond with the colors of their beaks and their feathers. Perfect scarves to brighten...
blazon_feeldesain_00 Blazon Scarf Collection