24h Week Month

4.2.2016 | Graphic Modern Saints | Andrey Smirny

Andrey Smirny‘s Modern Saints series was created especially for a Hopes & Fears article which considered how saints are assigned to various professions (Matthew the tax collector is the patron accountants, for example), and went on to find the perfect patron saints for various digital...
ModernSaints_feeldesain_00 Modern Saints | Andrey Smirny

2.2.2016 | Design, Fashion Jet Pack | Tessel

How cool is this backpack? It’s called the Jet Pack and is made up of geometric panels. The shape, texture and colour make it a great unisex bag, which has an amazingly urban look. The simple shape makes it extremely practical, and there’s even room...
jetpack_feeldesain_00 Jet Pack | Tessel