24h Week Month

1.9.2014 | Design, Fashion Transfold Backpack | Steven Enns

Steven Enns designed Transfold Backpack, which is made of a natural vegetable-tanned leather and features a really cool, origami-style expansion and contraction system. The folds in the leather create a three-dimensional pattern when not much is packed in the bag. Fill it up and the leather “stretches”...
TransfoldBackpack_feeldesain_00 Transfold Backpack | Steven Enns

1.9.2014 | Design, Gadgets Fold Pot | Pizzolorusso

“Fold Pot is a project borne out of the basic observation that, sooner or later, every plant outgrows its pot. While plants continually change, their pots have always been designed as immobile objects. When in use, this silicon rubber plant pot can double its...
FoldPot_feeldesain_00 Fold Pot | Pizzolorusso