24h Week Month

27.7.2015 | Architecture The Skysphere | Jono Williams

We’ve shown you a few cool treehouses lately, and this one – although not technically in the trees – is up there with the best of them. The inhabitant and designer, New Zealander Jono Williams, originally wanted a countryside retreat supported by trees, but didn’t want...
The Skysphere feel desain Jono Williams 6 The Skysphere | Jono Williams

23.7.2015 | Art Paper cut portraits | Yoo Hyun

Super talented Korean artist Yoo Hyun has a unique way of creating photo-realistic portraits. We know, these just look like photographs, but in reality they’re intricate paper cuts. Using a craft knife and a pair of tweezers, the artist carefully cuts lines into sheets...
Paper cut portraits feel desain Yoo Hyun01 Paper cut portraits | Yoo Hyun

23.7.2015 | Architecture, Art Sandcastles | Calvin Seibert

This summer, many of us are heading to the beach, and what better way to while away an afternoon than by making a nice sand castle? Here’s one sand sculptor who puts more effort into that than most; New Yorker Calvin Seibert is a true expert...
SandCastle_feeldesain_00 Sandcastles | Calvin Seibert