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9.10.2015 | Design, Events Lodz Design Festival 2015

We are LIVE from Lodz Design Festival 2015, and we’ll be updating this page over the next few days with the most exciting things that we see at the festival.   This year, the event includes the main program which follows the main theme of Consequences, the make...
Lodz15_feeldesain_00 Lodz Design Festival 2015

8.10.2015 | Art Bicycle sculptures | Young Deok Seo

Young Deok Seo studied Environmental Sculpture at the University of Seoul, inspiring the artist to create these stunning sculptures made from bicycle chains. The chains are welded into the forms of human heads and bodies, and are amazingly detailed, particularly when you consider the difficulty...
BikeSculptures_feeldesain_00 Bicycle sculptures | Young Deok Seo

8.10.2015 | Architecture, Design The Garden Igloo

The Garden Igloo was developed as a solution for people who want an outdoor space all year round, but are after something a little less permanent than a home extension. The geodesic dome is simple to construct and allows the perfect airflow, creating a...
GArdenIgloo_feeldesain_00 The Garden Igloo