24h Week Month

4.8.2015 | Art Oreo Art | Tisha Cherry

If you hand most people an Oreo cookie, they’ll probably stuff it straight in their mouth. Not Tisha Cherry though. She, in fact, uses Oreos as her medium for incredibly detailed artwork. Using the cookie itself as a canvas, she takes the white filling...
Oreo Art feel desain Tisha Cherry 11 Oreo Art | Tisha Cherry

4.8.2015 | Architecture, Interior design Ex Machina Movie House

If you’ve seen one of this summer’s hottest films, Ex Machina, you’ll no doubt have admired the CEO’s luxurious private retreat and wondered where on earth they filmed the scenes, right? Well we can reveal that the film was shot in Norway, in the...
ExMachina_feeldesain_00 Ex Machina Movie House

3.8.2015 | Design The GazeBox

The GazeBox is a modern alternative to the traditional garage – a “revolutionary, foldable cover system”. Designed in Italy, the structure provides shelter for your car from all the elements and also from animals and birds, but unlike a normal garage, with its special...
Gazebox_feeldesain_00 The GazeBox