24h Week Month

26.3.2015 | App / Digital, Gadgets Smart Safe | Ksafe

kSafe is a smart container which uses principals from psychology and technology to reach your goals, turning temptation into motivation. You just place your temptation inside the container (maybe the TV remote, a bag of sweets you can’t keep your hands off of, or...
kSafe_feeldesain_00 Smart Safe | Ksafe

26.3.2015 | Art, DIY Aknitomy | Emily Stoneking

If you ever had to do dissection in your school science classes, you’ll know that it’s not always the most pleasant experience, but Emily Stoneking is trying to make studying animals’ insides that little bit…cuddlier. She picks up her knitting needles to create these...
Aknitomy feel desain Emily Stoneking11 Aknitomy | Emily Stoneking