24h Week Month

30.9.2014 | Packaging Sexy Food | Atelier Design

“Sexyfood doesn’t just sell insects, it sells unique experiences. The concept itself is very simple: why don’t you surprise your friends with something different, like an insect-tasting session? Sexyfood provides all the ingredients for an unforgettable evening. The appearance of the products – the...
Sexy_food_feeldesain_00 Sexy Food | Atelier Design

29.9.2014 | Design Make More Contest | Veneta Cucine

5 are the final projects of MakeMore contest promoted by Veneta Cucine and MakeTank, they are the 5 objects that over all the participant’s projects were able to interpret the craftsman tradition of wood, main character of Veneta Cucine, and contemporary design. MakeMore contest...
Make More Contest Feeldesain Veneta Cucine14 Make More Contest | Veneta Cucine