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2.10.2015 | Design, Interior design Designer Spotlight | Acne JR

Acne JR  is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The celebrated toy company was founded in 1996 and specialises in everything from media and fashion to design. The brand has a unique ability to make traditional toys more modern without changing the concept behind them, giving them a funky, retro feel. The...
Designer Spotlight feel desain Acne JR11 Designer Spotlight | Acne JR

30.9.2015 | Design Sliders Scooter Bike

Sliders is somewhere in between a bike and a push scooter. Designed by a group of Taiwanese entrepreneurs, the scootable bicycle was created to help people to move around in busy city streets. The group found that the optimum speed for exploring a city...
FoldableBike_feeldesai_00 Sliders Scooter Bike

30.9.2015 | Design Nest Shelf | Nendo

This versatile shelving unit concept was designed by Japanese studio Nendo (see more of their work here) for the London Design Festival this year. The Nest Shelf is an extendable carbon fibre unit with a larch veneer, and can double its original size depending...
New_template_copertina Nest Shelf | Nendo