24h Week Month

31.8.2015 | Graphic GoldRush | Črtomir Just

Tons of products use the word “gold” in their name. It projects luxury and makes consumers feel that they’re buying quality. Črtomir Just, a Slovenian designer, has created this fun 3D series which literally transforms various products with “gold” in their name into the...
GoldRush_feeldesain_00 GoldRush | Črtomir Just

30.8.2015 | Design, Graphic The PANTONE Café

If you’re in Monaco this summer and are a big PANTONE fan, you won’t want to miss the PANTONE Café. The café is unsurprisingly bursting with colour, and that even extends to the food on offer. To fit with the tagline Taste the Colors,...
PantoneCafe_feeldesain_00 The PANTONE Café