24h Week Month

27.4.2016 | Art, Concept, Design GLASS SCULPTURE | CAROL MILNE

The innovative artist Carol Milne, based in Seattle, did an amazing work in reproducing new glass sculptures that are faithfully shaped created by hands that are knitting. The sculptor represent needles and stitches which are created with colored modeled glass to create colorful artworks. First,...
Knitglasssculpture_FeelDesain_00 GLASS SCULPTURE | CAROL MILNE

26.4.2016 | Graphic Cities Branding project

Graphic designer, raluuca popescu created a representative banner for a travel agency. How you can creatively represent a city’s name with an image ? See results bellow! Don’t forget to follow Feeldesain on Twitter + Facebook  + Pinterest to get all the latest updates.
Cities_branding_feel desain Cities Branding project

24.4.2016 | Concept, Events Color of the year | Pantone

The color of the year for 2016 as Pantone proclaimed is the blending of two shades: rose quartz and serenity. As consumers seek mindfulness and well-being as an antidote to modern day stresses, welcoming colors that psychologically fulfill our yearning for reassurance and security are becoming...
rose-quartzPantone_FeelDesain_00 Color of the year | Pantone

18.4.2016 | Art Colorful Chromaticity Installation

Colorful Chromaticity Installation Playing with Origamis Singapore-based creative collective Monocoque has realized Chromaticity, an installation that seeks to explore the manipulation of light and its influence on the perception of colours. all images courtesy of Monocoque Service Design Don’t forget to follow Feeldesain on Twitter + Facebook  + Pinterest to get all the latest updates.
chromaticity-art installation origami feeldesain Colorful Chromaticity Installation

15.4.2016 | Graphic, Web New Honest Logos

Viktor Hertz is still hard at work on his funny series, Honest Logos . We featured a few earlier this year, and since then he’s created even more. There are 12 new ones- the chosen companies and brands include Yahoo, Walmart, Netflix, Häagen-Dazs, Game of Thrones, Burger...
HONEST-LOGOS-feeldesain hertz New Honest Logos