24h Week Month

17.9.2014 | Video High Five New York

In NYC, A Man High-Fives Strangers Who Are Hailing For Cabs To Perk Them Up Actor and comedian Meir Kalmanson of AMK Productions, went around ambushing New Yorkers with a pleasant surprise. In his video titled ‘High Five New York’, he ran around the streets of New York...
feeldesain-high-five-new-york High Five New York

17.9.2014 | Design Smart Beam Projector

During the last few weeks, the Feel Desain team had the opportunity to test the Smart Beam Projector by Innoio. Our first impression was extremely positive because we had a pocket size projector that offered the equivalent of a 100 inch screen. We utilized...
Smart-Beam-Projector-9-feeldesain Smart Beam Projector

17.9.2014 | Advertising, Video The Dancing Traffic Light

Creative guerrilla marketing campaign by Smart.  They have created a huge traffic light box where people could dance into it and at the same time was projected during the red light. “We believe that smart ideas can turn the city into a better place....
_The-Dancing-Traffic-Light---feeldesain- The Dancing Traffic Light