24h Week Month

26.8.2015 | Design Wall Ride | Zanocchi & Starke

Many skaters really love their board – however old, scratched, or beaten up it may be. Zanocchi & Starke‘s Wall Ride is a wall mounted rack and shelving unit which has a specially designed space for your skateboard, allowing skateboard fans to both store and show off...
WallRide_feeldesain_00 Wall Ride | Zanocchi & Starke

26.8.2015 | Art Chaosmos | Glen Ronald

Canadian artist and illustrator Glen Ronald creates beautiful images using acrylic on canvas and ink on paper, which he refers to as chaosmos, or ”creating a field of chaos and then pulling the cosmos out of it”. His animal drawings are realistic yet abstract at the same time,...
Chaosmos_feeldesain_00 Chaosmos | Glen Ronald

25.8.2015 | Photo Underwater Sports | Alix Martinez

Take a look at New York-based Alix Martinez‘s series of underwater sports photos. The talented children’s commercial and fashion photographer directed and snapped away as children, clothed in an outfit representing their chosen sport, reenacted individual and team sports like skateboarding, basketball, soccer and more, all under...
Underwater_feeldesain_00 Underwater Sports | Alix Martinez