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tom dixon | milan design week 2012
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tom dixon | milan design week 2012

british designer tom dixon has developed the lighting showcase ‘luminosity’ to be displayed at museo nazionale della scienza e della tecnologia‘s MOST design festival for milan design week 2012. the collection of new lamps, lights and shades explore the potential of natural and artificial light in the future of lighting design. one of the pieces featured in this collection is the abstract sphere lampshade, ‘etch web’.

‘etch web’ is 65cm wide and possesses an irregular pentagonal motif repeated throughout the surface of the orb. the smoothness of the sphere is interrupted in a methodical pattern as the smallest point of the diamond-like forms join in groups of five, creating a raised point where all of these parts meet. the futuristic metallic orb shade has been developed to cast angular shadows when the light inside is turned on.

Etch di Tom Dixton è la lampada a cui dedichiamo questo post dal Salone del Mobile di Milano: un esperimento di matematica e geometria. La struttura aperta permette di ottenere un particolare effetto di luci ed ombre quanto Etch è accesa.

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