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Tips on Posters
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Tips on Posters

“Son of the 1980′s, raised by wolves, ink, super heroes, polaroid pictures, video games,cartoons,the cold war,
tape mixing, sneakers, vintage references, posters, bikes, vinyl collections and street playgrounds.
 Mr. Phomer has learned through graffiti and urban culture and studied the fine arts of graphics and illustration to
enhance the ever-growing self-made knowledge.
This is a lifetime work in progress that aims to cross different styles,times, cultures and other lives, hopefully yours.
His ultimate gold (not goal) is to achieve total coolness.”

He says:

“Born in Lisbon, London based, I’m up for work at things resembling art, or illustration, or graphics, or design, or concept, or visuals, or urban, or actions, or photo, or audio, or video, or cooking or even friendship in exchange for some food and gold for expensive taste items.”



















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