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Neato Burrito | Clemson University Students
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Neato Burrito | Clemson University Students

Four Clemson University students redesigned taco and burrito packaging in order to make eating the Mexican snacks easier and tidier, as part of IoPP’s 48 Hour Re-Pack competition. The South Carolina students eventually came up with Neato Burrito, a clever cardboard construction with an accordion-style form, which makes it collapsible and practical while you munch on your lunch. Alternatively, you can open the cardboard pack all the way out if you don’t want to eat on the go. The end concept would definitely be useful for those of us who dine on the move, and certainly looks easier to use than the standard aluminium solution.

NeatoBurrito_feeldesain_01 NeatoBurrito_feeldesain_02 NeatoBurrito_feeldesain_03 NeatoBurrito_feeldesain_04 NeatoBurrito_feeldesain_05 NeatoBurrito_feeldesain_06 NeatoBurrito_feeldesain_07 NeatoBurrito_feeldesain_08 NeatoBurrito_feeldesain_09 NeatoBurrito_feeldesain_10 NeatoBurrito_feeldesain_11 NeatoBurrito_feeldesain_12 NeatoBurrito_feeldesain_13 NeatoBurrito_feeldesain_14

NeatoBurrito_feeldesain_00 NeatoBurrito_feeldesain_15 NeatoBurrito_feeldesain_16

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