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Dépliage du soi | Gabriel Aguirre
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Dépliage du soi | Gabriel Aguirre

Paris-based photographer Gabriel Aguirre multiplies a person’s presence in a setting for his series titled Dépliage du soi, which roughly translates as Unfolding of the self. The photo manipulator’s project creates a constant sense of motion as the subjects fill the depth of the frame. These ordinary people seem to be searching for something, though it’s unclear whether it is a tangible object or perhaps just purpose in life.

Aguirre’s series is simultaneously a visual puzzle tracing the steps of one person and a unique perspective of different landscapes. There is a complementing element between subject and setting in Aguirre’s collection that provides an aesthetically pleasing visual. The result is an intriguing look at people aimlessly exploring their environments.

The photographer explains his project: “For countless years, man has searched for the meaning of life, looking for it everywhere possible, such as nature, superstition, even absence… This series of photographs is an interpretation of this search, framed within Golden Ratio relationships, repetitions and oversimplifications.”










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