24h Week Month

12.2.2016 | Design, Gadgets Nail It | Avihai Shurin

Most of us have felt the pain of hitting a thumb or finger with a hammer when we were, in fact, aiming for a nail. Designer Avihai Shurin has obviously been in this position as well, or he surely wouldn’t have thought of the...
Nailit_feeldesain_00 Nail It | Avihai Shurin

7.1.2016 | Design, Gadgets Ajorí | photoAlquimia

Do you like fun kitchenware? This kitchen storage solution is by Spanish studio photoAlquimia, and as you can see, its design was inspired by the humble bulb of garlic. Ajorí holds 6 containers, which can be used to store oil, seasonings, spices and other cooking...
ajori_feeldesain_00 Ajorí | photoAlquimia

7.1.2016 | Design, Fashion, Gadgets Blend Collection | Moleskine

If you need a new Moleskine for the year coming you should check this out. The Moleskine’s latest series of notebooks is the Blend Collection which feature jacquard fabric covers that were inspired by touch and style. The covers are named for the primary color you spot at first glance,...
Moleskine-Blend_FeelDesain_00 Blend Collection | Moleskine